KYC at 1xBet

About KYC at 1xBet

  1. 1xBet implements a comprehensive Know Your Customer policy targeting money laundering and various fraud types. Customers will be educated about online authentication tools at registration and through a non-transactional site accompanying it. The Company may require identification documents, including address verification, in situations where certain requirements still need to be met.
  2. The documents requested by the Company are meant for customers’ identification verification. A legitimate government-issued photo ID card, passport, ID card, driver’s license, or travel document are examples of acceptable documentation. The Ministry of Finance Curacao may designate alternative documents. The Company may request proof of residence, such as a valid government-issued ID, recent utility bill, bank statement, or government authorities’ correspondence. There is also an obligatory confirmation of the customer’s phone number during verification. 1xBet reserves the right to ask for additional documentation which may be necessary to complete Anti-Money Laundering.
  3. There are instances when we may need additional verification. Proof of funds to confirm that players are gambling with their own money.
  4. The documents for the above-mentioned are requested when we believe a customer has reached a certain threshold of deposits or withdrawals or when we think that they are involved in fraudulent activity.
  5. To identify any potential violations, we go through player bets in detail. For any winnings credited to the players that we may have some doubts concerning their legality, we contact the provider to verify them.
  6. Identity document verification should contain a name, photograph, date of birth, and citizenship. The accuracy of these particulars must be one hundred percent with the information in the user’s profile and a valid document itself.
  7. We analyze documents for signs of tampering. We can ask for a selfie with our ID if it is necessary to confirm that this document is yours and not someone else’s.
  8. If we have reasons to believe that the document is void, we contact an anti-fraud department using email.
  9. The Company can conduct an internal investigation if the Customer’s account shows signs of suspicious transactions, like questionable cash deposits or potential fraud activities. This may involve blocking or terminating the Customer’s account, annulling payments, and halting account operations until the official investigation concludes. The Company’s decision-making process adheres to the stipulations of relevant laws in effect.
  10. 1xBet may ask the Customer to provide additional information if the withdrawal method differs from the deposit method. The Company can also decide to stop any transactions from going through in case the customer refuses to give further details.
  11. During investigations, the Company might request additional copies of the customer’s ID, bank card used for funding, payment documents, and records proving fund legality. 1xBet can also ask for the original versions of these documents.
  12. As a high-risk jurisdiction, Customers are subjected to great scrutiny by the Company.
  13. The Company’s refusal to process suspicious transactions, like blocking or closing accounts, doesn’t establish grounds for its civil liability regarding unfulfilled obligations to the Customer.