Responsible Gaming at 1xBet

About Responsible Gaming at 1xBet

  1. Gambling problems are related to mental health issues, and they can result in depression, concerns, and thoughts about suicide. They have a negative impact on family relationships, job, educational achievements, and the result of that can be criminal activity and financial problems. It is important to remember that gambling is meant to entertain people, not bring about money. However, sometimes, gambling addiction causes problems. We care about our customers and do our best to offer a reliable and safe service using which our players won’t experience any detrimental consequences.
  2. Underage gambling is forbidden on our website (we do not accept persons under the age of 18 years). We prefer not to promote our services and products to mentally sensitive people. We assure you that our advertisement, sponsorship materials, and marketing strategies do not provide any information that aims at attracting people under 18 years old to the service.
  3. If an underage person has access to your computer, it is important to ensure that he or she won’t use your username, password, or banking details. 

You can download special software such as CyberPatrol or NetNanny to limit access to gambling services.

  1. We conduct regular checks to keep track of our customers’ age and be confident that all of them are of legal age already.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to confirm a customer’s age, so we ask for additional details to check if this person’s age is legal.
  • We assume the possibility of limiting access to the personal account of the customer and freeze funds on the balance until this person provides all necessary details and proves the fact that he or she has reached legal age.
  • Every country has determined the legal age for gambling and betting, but usually it is 18 years.
  • We want our customers to understand that they advocate for legal sign-up on 1xBet
  1. The marketing campaigns and advertisements of our service are not misleading or represent our activity truthfully. Every customer is aware of his winning chances and the risks involved. 

Services are provided on a paid basis, and excess spending is disapproved. To identify your gambling addiction level, respond Yes or No to the following questions please.

  • Don’t you control your spending?
  • Is it typical of you to borrow money or get them illegally to go on gambling?
  • Have you recently decreased the amount of time spent with your family and friends?
  • Are you irritated by other people’s opinions about your gambling activity?
  • Do your traditional hobbies or leisure time activities seem less interesting to you?
  • Do you experience depression, or do your losses make you think about suicide?
  • Did you hide the truth or lie to spend more time or funds on gambling?

If most of these questions have received positive answers from you, there is a high chance that you will face gambling problems.

  1. It is almost never too late to understand that you have an addiction and address one. We appreciate everyone who uses our service and will help to cope with the existing problem. Please address the following pieces of advice to minimize the risks of gambling addiction development.
  • Never treat gambling as the main way to earn money.
  • Always put a money cap and time limit to avoid excessive gambling.
  • Spend as much money as you can afford to lose.
  • Resist the temptation to return your losses.
  • Avoid gambling if you have consumed alcohol or drugs or you are suffering from depression.
  1. Customers who express a desire to set gambling limits can opt for a self-exclusion service offered on a voluntary basis. It allows gamblers to close an account or restrict access to gambling activities for one of the following time periods: 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year. When your account is self-excluded, it won’t be available within the period of time you have selected. When a self-exclusion period comes to an end, you can continue using all the website services without limits again. 

It is possible to ask for the removal of any restrictions from the account before the expiration of the self-exclusion period, but it is the company that makes a final decision on this point.

  • If you wish to limit your gambling activity, contact our representative at [email protected]. We are eligible for limiting the maximum stake amount. It is possible to make amendments to these amounts, but it can take up to 24 hours to implement them into reality. 
  1. It is not allowed to open new accounts when you are on a self-exclusion period. You should also admit that the Company doesn’t bear any financial responsibility and is not accountable if you go on gambling on the site with the help of another account that has a different name or address. There are exceptional situations when the company can unblock a customer’s account before the expiration of the self-exclusion program.